Job positions

2020-present: postdoctoral researcher              

  • Predicting Evolution - experimental evolution using C. elegans
  • University of Amsterdam (UvA, IBED)

2019-2020: postdoctoral researcher

  • The role of functional diversity and species richness in a synthetic bacterial ecosystem
  • University of Groningen (RUG, GELIFES - TRÊS)


2014-2019: Joint PhD in Evolutionary Biology: 

  • The spatial and community-context of ecological specialisation
  • Institution: Ghent University (Department of Biology, TEREC) & University of Groningen (RUG, GELIFES - TRÊS)


  • MSc student in Biology, major in Ecology and Evolution (summa cum laude), Ghent University
  • Erasmus: Boreal Biota and Ecology Program (University of Helsinki)
  • BSc student in Biology (cum laude), Ghent University

Side Lines

  • Saxophone (certificate of the highest level of instrumental education with magna cum laude, Academy of Performing Arts, Aalst) - The Happy-Face Spiders
  • Theater (performed in 15 theatre productions of Tijl & Nele and JETIE)
  • Youth movement (leader in KSA Roo Erembodegem for six years)
  • Arts (part-time arts education Visual Arts, Aalst)

Funding and Awards


  • FWO junior postdoctoral fellowship


  • NWA Small Grant (budget: €50.000), title: "The effect of host-microbiome interactions on micro- and macro-evolution"


  • Leopold III grant for field work in Sabah Malaysian Borneo (budget: €2.000)


  • Special Research Fund (BOF, UGent) for PhD funding
  • Ubbo Emmius sandwich program (RUG) for PhD funding
  • Price Pierre Verkerk for best MSc thesis in Biology (UGent) (budget: €500)


  • CRC, KMDA, Antwerp: Helping with sexing of birds and paternity analysis, and with finalizing genetic diet analysis by the investigation of manure samples
  • Planckendael, Mechelen: Behavioural observations of bonobos
  • Bird Ecology Unit (UH), Helsinki: Census of small mammals
  • TEREC (UGent): ArcGIS work for insect research on chalk grasslands